Smart lifts and lonely workers: architecture after coronavirus
The Future of Tall Buildings

A 3D printed elevator to the future?

What if the new frontier of elevators was 3d printing? The 3d printing system is becoming more widespread every day: from the medical field, up to the construction industry …. The benefits of a lighter 3D printed elevator car are many-fold: less material means, of course, reduced production costs. But it also has obvious sustainability benefits: a lighter elevator cabin requires less energy to produce. Once in operation, it is also much more energy-efficient to run. The plain metal panels usually making up the sides of the elevator car have given way to an intricate, delicate structure: a tangled web of leafless branches that can only be produced with 3D technology. Although it pushes the boundaries of esthetics in elevator design, the project’s main focus was to create a highly optimized structure. “We wanted to see if producing elevator cars that are lighter and that used less material was possible,” said the creators. Another important aspect is certainly linked to the different impact on the environment and the possibility of accessing a new frontier of raw materials, in a historical moment in which it is increasingly difficult to procure classic materials. A new opportunity, perhaps in the future but certainly to be taken into consideration