General regulation safety of elevators

The safety of elevators is an extremely important point in a country like Italy where these machines exist more than in the United States. A presence marked […]

Meccanismo apertura porte ascensore

The elevator is a long-standing convenience for Italians. Its massive introduction took place in the years of the economic boom, when the influx into the cities of a large […]

Installation disabled lift in condominium

Disability is an extremely delicate subject, especially in a country like ours where delays in eliminating architectural barriers continue to cause considerable debate. It is enough in […]

Special lift cabins

Elevators are a natural feature of modernity. The need to encourage the elevation of buildings so as not to consume further portions of territory has in fact […]

Permission to install internal and external lift

What are the necessary permits to install an elevator, internal or external? It is a subject naturally known to perfection by those working in the sector, which has become […]

Replacement lift condominium cabin

As is known, the elevator is used more by those who live on the upper floors of a building than those who have their residence on the ground floor or on […]

Regulations installation of elevators

When it is necessary to proceed with the installation of an elevator, the first concern of the owners is of course that relating to the investment it involves, considering how it is […]

Minimal size renovation of elevators

Elevators are increasingly indispensable in a society that has for some time chosen to exploit the height to build homes without consuming more portions of land. A […]

The calculation of the capacity and weight of the cabin in the elevators

In modern society it is increasingly important to be able to avoid excessive consumption of soil and, therefore, to develop buildings vertically. A requirement that makes it […]