Lifts in Africa … the new growth trends

What is the elevator market in Africa? It is not easy to answer this question because there are no updated data. The industry largest source, the […]

USA – the tallest lift-test tower

Testing the elevator is a necessity today especially in the most industrialized states, especially in the United States; with 900,000 lifts, 1 for every 362 people, […]
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Lift restoration : how should the expenses be shared between the condominiums ?

It is not uncommon in our country to enter a vintage lift, considered as according to recent studies conducted by Thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia, a good 40% of the installations located along the […]

A building condominium law 104 : is it always possible?

In Italy the condition of disabled people is made considerably more complicated by the existence of a large number of architectural barriers which prevent them from moving easily, […]

Ascensore in condominio come opporsi

Abitare in un condominio comporta molto spesso problemi di non poco conto, derivanti dalla difficoltà di riuscire ad allacciare rapporti realmente costruttivi e all’insegna della socialità […]

Maintenance lifts: What says the law?

Italy represents a real case in the world, as far as elevators are concerned. The first thing that stands out is the number of plants that are […]

Dismissione lift : can not proceed if its use is necessary for elderly and disabled

It is not uncommon for lifts to disfigure from an aesthetic point of view the building in which they are called to provide their very useful service […]

For public lifts , the decree of March 9, 2015 introduced the mandatory nature of the USTIF opinion

The decree issued on 9 March 2015 provided that in the case of public lifts the opinion of the Ustif , the Special Office for Fixed Equipment Transport […]

Regulatory elevator installation

The elevators in our country are very large, one of the largest in the world. In addition to being vast, however, it is also among the oldest ever. According to […]