Ascensori esterni disabili

Restauro ascensore: come devono essere ripartite le spese tra i condomini?

Non è raro nel nostro Paese il caso di entrare in un ascensore d’epoca, considerato come secondo studi recenti condotti da Thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia un buon […]

Maintenance lifts: What says the law?

Italy represents a real case in the world, as far as elevators are concerned. The first thing that stands out is the number of plants that are […]

Regulatory elevator installation

The elevators in our country are very large, one of the largest in the world. In addition to being vast, however, it is also among the oldest ever. According to […]

Installazione ascensore esterno SCIA

The removal of architectural barriers in our country is a topic that continues to be disregarded by institutions. In fact, if an instrument such as the Peba (Plans […]

Vittoriano, the panoramic lift: charm and utility

The monumental complex of the Vittoriano, authentic signature of Italianness in the World, began its eternal splendor in 1878 when it was decided to erect in […]

More and more skyscrapers in the world: new perspectives for the world of elevators

According to the statistics, it is now clear that we have to get used to looking at cities with their noses up: infact the 2018 CTBUH […]

General regulation safety of elevators

The safety of elevators is an extremely important point in a country like Italy where these machines exist more than in the United States. A presence marked […]

Meccanismo apertura porte ascensore

The elevator is a long-standing convenience for Italians. Its massive introduction took place in the years of the economic boom, when the influx into the cities of a large […]

Installation disabled lift in condominium

Disability is an extremely delicate subject, especially in a country like ours where delays in eliminating architectural barriers continue to cause considerable debate. It is enough in […]