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Cab lift assembly: how much can it cost?

As is known, the feeling between Italians and the elevator is always very high. For decades now, in fact, our country boasts a number of facilities for vertical lifting of things and people that has no equal in the world. A liking, that of our compatriots, of old date and started immediately after the war, when the migratory phenomena from the countryside to the cities pushed to the construction of new buildings with adjoining lifts.
A relationship that never failed with the passage of time, due to the function of public utility covered by the elevators, whose usefulness is now established above all in the case of families where there are elderly people or who have difficulties of a motor nature.
If the utility of the elevators is by now indubitable, sometimes their installation can involve a very important financial effort, above all when it is only one family that has to bear its weight. The question of obligation, in this case, is the following: how much does the lift cabin need to be fitted?

Assemble an elevator: cost items


The assembly of a plant for the vertical lifting of things and people, involves a cost to the formation of various factors, among which we must remember:
– the number of floors that must be served. It is quite natural that the price of a 5-storey elevator will be very different from that for a facility that is asked to serve only one floor;
– the installation, ie the fact that it takes place inside or outside the building;
– the possible presence of a turret and a small castle, or the metal structure delegated to its containment;
– the type of system for which you are going to opt. The assembly of an electric lift requires an initial investment higher than the hydraulic one, but it will be compensated in the course of four years by the highest level of energy efficiency;
– the degree of elevator customization. It is precisely the finishes, the quality of the materials and the presence of any accessories to allow the creation of an elegant lift even from a purely aesthetic point of view, allowing it to be immersed in the best context in which it will fulfill its function, respecting the style of the dwelling in which it is inserted;
– the type of maneuver that characterizes it, which can be automatic, semi-automatic and man-present;
– the type of door, which can be automatic, swing, fire or thermal break;
– the need for any masonry work. In fact, it should be remembered that the modern lifts for the house do not require major masonry work, as they work without the need for the pit and the shaft for the machines. However, they may need to work on arranging them or adapting them to the stairs to allow the installation of the lift.

The total cost

Once the various factors have been added, we can conclude that the assembly of the cab of a mini-lift, perhaps outside the building concerned, can entail an outflow that varies between 10,000 and 40,000 euros.
At this expense, others could be added, so to speak, accessory, for example those related to the use of a sector technician (surveyor, engineer or architect) for the preparation of the necessary practices or a test for the anti-seismic regulation NTC 2008 , which is currently integrated by the European standard UNI-EN 1090-1, where a metallic structure is used.