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Disabled lift cabin in Barbie’s accessible world

Being more serene with respect to your body and your image also passes through the models we are given as children, compared to the world around us. Finally this awareness begins to make inroads even in toy manufacturers that increasingly include the diversity and variety of the world in their representations. Therefore the fight against stereotypes also involves dolls: infact Mattel creatives, the company manufacturing the famous Barbie doll, thought. On the occasion of the 60th birthday of their most famous creation, they will launch a doll in a wheelchair and one with prosthesis (models added to the curvy Barbie already on the market). The message is clear: Barbies are different from each other and there is not a single best, just like in real life. Obviously the new dolls on the wheelchair move in a world that respects their condition, in particular the elevators have been redesigned for this event: in particular a new spacious circular and panoramic lift installed in Barbie Dreamhouse, with a load up to 4 dolls. Mattel’s choice follows that of Lego that three years ago had included men with disabilities in the LEGO City set, meeting an increasingly strong demand for representation of different normalities.