Electric or hydraulic elevator
Number of lifts in public buildings

Electric elevator maintenance

Among the existing types of lifts, one of the most widespread is the electric one, that is operated by a winch which is entrusted with the task of transmitting the bike to the cabin through the adherence of the ropes and equipped with a motor that must be placed on the top of the racing compartment. A necessity that obliges at the design stage to provide for the positioning of the machinery room, inside which the winch and the control panel must be placed at the top of the compartment. As far as the resulting loads are concerned, they must be supported by the insole delegated to delimit the upper end of the compartment.

Electric lifts are especially suitable for buildings where traffic and speed are high, ie hotels, public offices, hospitals or business centers. Usually equipped with an inverter, which makes it possible to adjust all the parameters of the race, give the advantage of being able to adapt to any type of building. Given this merit, we must consider the only real fault that weighs on them, or the higher cost compared to competing models.

manutenzione-02What to do for the maintenance of an electric lift

A separate problem, when it comes to electric lifts, is maintenance, which must be entrusted to a specialized company, or with the necessary authorizations to be able to handle it, as required by law,

For the execution of the maintenance interventions it is necessary that the company that you rely on can have the system installation diagram and the wiring diagram. The persons in charge have the obligation to read and understand the manual of installation and maintenance of the lifting platform in every part.

In addition, the chosen company must define a planned maintenance plan in detail, with the specific task of ensuring the safe operation of the platform. In principle, interventions involve:

– the cleaning of the internal parts of the shaft, starting from the pit and from the automatisms of the doors where they exist;

– lubrication of mechanical parts;

– the control of the cab suspension organs.

All possible measures must be taken to ensure the correct functioning and efficiency of the circuits and safety devices, the correct functioning of the warning and alarm devices and the efficiency of the ground connections.

Other maintenance operations

In addition to the maintenance operations entrusted to the company delegated to the task, there are other operations that can be performed by other personnel who have been instructed for the purpose by the owner, namely:

– the cleaning of the parts outside the shaft, such as the landing doors, the windows and the uprights of the metal frameworks;

– the cleaning of the booth, making sure that the emergency buttons are not inadvertently pressed and trying not to damage the claddings, the ceiling lights or the push-button panels, by using inappropriate products;

– putting into service or out of service of the platform, proceeding to open the power supply switches, not without first checking that the cabin is empty;

– rescue operations, for which the instructions given in the immediate vicinity of the devices intended for use in the field are valid.

For all other different situations, the maintenance company is required to perform the task

to keep a register updated which lists the interventions and repairs carried out on the plants, which is usually kept by the owner of the plant. In addition, it must promptly provide for the repair and / or replacement of all parts that are subject to wear or tear, so as to ensure the safe operation of the lift.

The owner must then ensure that the keys of the electrical panel of the machinery, for emergency needs or inspections, are available only and exclusively to authorized persons.

It is also required to provide all the information which may allow access to the building where the lift has been installed and in particular:

– the access routes which must be used and the evacuation procedures of the building in the event of fire;

– the place where the keys to the reserved rooms are located, starting from the electricity meters;

It must also inform the maintenance company in relation to any changes in the configuration of the places and access roads and must guarantee and verify the perfect visibility of the telephone numbers of the maintenance company. The latter provides the technical assistance necessary for the periodic checks