Disabled lift cabin in Barbie’s accessible world
The calculation of the capacity and weight of the cabin in the elevators

Lift doors size

Elevators are a natural part of modern life. The need to develop houses in height so as to allow large masses of citizens not to consume an excessive portion of territory, has in fact led to providing vertical movement of people and things, trying to unite two key factors such as speed and safety.
The very issue of safety in turn entails a no less significant one, that of the size of the systems, which must be able to transport groups of people, giving them the opportunity to stop comfortably inside the cabins and be able to move to carry out operations with which to control their movements.
Another problem that must be considered, when dealing with the problem relating to the size of the elevators, is then that relating to the possibility that they are used by people suffering from motor problems, that is invalid. Precisely for this reason, before installing an elevator, it is necessary to identify the regulations to refer to and entrust the task of designing everything to experts in the sector .

Ministerial Decree 236/89

As already mentioned, in identifying solutions for the construction of an elevator inside a building, it is absolutely necessary to be able to identify the right dimensions . Among the elements that must be taken into account in any case to remain in the poles imposed by the law, the issue of disability cannot be missing, precisely because it is completely normal that in condominium buildings it comes out in all its seriousness.
In this regard, it must be remembered that our country has been equipped for a long time, since 1989, with the legislative instrument which designers must refer to when setting up a plant for the vertical lifting of people and things. We are talking about Minis TERIAL Decree 236, which provides expressly as the lift mustpresent a cabin whose minimum dimensions are necessary to enable n and use even by a person who is confined to a wheelchair. Even the cabin doors and floor must then respond to the need to facilitate the use of the elevator to this particular user: they must in fact be of the automatic type, and that oltr feature sizewhich do not make an obstacle to users encumbered by disabilities or problems walking.
In this sense, the access doors to the cabin must not be lacking, which must be able to ensure easy access to all possible users, while as regards the stationing of the same on the various floors, it must take place with the doors carefully closed.
Finally, the command and control panels, which must be reached without effort, even at the highest point, also by people who are in a wheelchair and are completely suitable for use by blind people.

3The minimum dimensions according to the law

So far we have mentioned the provisions that the law establishes for the benefit of the disabled, in order to facilitate the use of the lift by them. The decree, however, does not shy away from addressing the issue concerning the size of the elevator, going can establish himself and n the minimum standards. The reference in this sense is the paragraph 8.1.12, which goes to highlight how in the new buildings, non-residential, the elevator cabin must be provided with minimum dimensions of 1.40 meters as regards the depth and 1.10 in width. The door must in turn be equipped with a minimum net light of 0.80 meters, placed on the short side , while the minimum distribution platform , also positioned in front of the cabin door, it must have a minimum size of 1.50 × 1.50 meters.
The is instead different case de the new buildings, in which the lift must be equipped with a cabin characterized by minimum dimensions of 1.30 meters in depth and 0.95 for the width. Self the door must then be equipped with a minimum net light of 0, 80 meters placed on the short side, the minimum distribution platform positioned in front of the cabin door must see the its dimensions reach a minimum of 1.50 × 1.50 meters.
Finally, the existing buildings: if it is not possible to obtain the space required for a larger cabin, or an adaptation, the plant can be served by a cabin that has the following characteristics:
– 1.20 meters deep and 0.80 wide ;
– 1.40 x 1.40 meters for the minimum distribution platform placed in front of the cabin door .
– rte little cabin and automatic runway.
It should also be pointed out that in the case of impossibility of creating a replacement, regardless of the reason, the door of the hinged door can be kept , provided that it is equipped with automatic opening.
In the end, with regard to all cases so far mentioned, the doors must remain open for not less than 8 seconds, while the closing time should not be less than 4.