Cab lift assembly: how much can it cost?
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Lifts cabins: how to make the system more pleasant

Italy is a real global case, as far as the elevators are concerned. In our country, in fact, there are over a million plants used for the vertical transport of people and things. The feeling between Italians and elevators dates back to the second post-war period, when, with the economic boom, many Italians thought they could make everyday life easier. The increasingly rapid urbanization of the country led to the construction of a large number of new buildings, in which the elevator became a habit. This led to a real race, as even the older buildings decided to adapt to what was presented as a technological innovation that can not be renounced and the result is that today they amount to 700 thousand elevators prior to 1999. A real proliferate also deriving from the observation that thanks to the platforms for vertical lifting it is possible to solve the considerable problems that may arise from the presence of one or more disabled people inside the building, whose quality of life is very often implemented by the presence elevator.
A fact that immediately makes clear how the Italian fleet is quite old and, therefore, in need of care, especially as regards the coatings of the lift cabins, the first to be affected by the incessant advance of time.


How to renovate the lift cabins

The elevator is not only a considerable comfort, but also a sort of presentation ticket for the building in which it is housed. How many times do you enter a period building able to create great fascination in the visitor, and then be disappointed because of a poor package of the plant used for the vertical transport of people and things? Worn out furnishings, writings and scratches, not to mention an aesthetic level so horrible to graze the kitsch are finally to do damage not just a little, especially on an aesthetic level. So much to push the observer to ask the real reason for a similar level of sloppiness.
In such conditions, the solution can be of two types: either a painting, or the substitution of the cabin coverings, in particular giving life to the complete replacement of the panels.

Adhesive coatings may be the best solution

If you decide to put your hands on the coverings of the lift cabin, the ideal solution can be represented by the adhesive ones, which have a series of considerable advantages, among which the following are to be highlighted:
– there is no need to limit or interrupt the service;
– maximum simplicity in cleaning and maintenance operations;
– considerable resistance to abrasion, scratches and possible contact with solvents;
– significantly reduced installation costs;
– it is not necessary to remove and, consequently, dispose of old supports;
– good resistance to fire;
– the possibility to choose between a practically infinite number of finishes.
A solution of this kind, which is able to guarantee extremely pleasing visual effects thanks to the use of materials very similar to those existing in nature, can be put in place in the short space of a couple of days at most, without having to limit in any way the operation of the lifting system. Precisely for this reason there are many users and condominiums who prefer a solution of this kind to that represented by the complete replacement of the panels, which is considerably more complicated and expensive.