Regulatory elevator installation
Dismissione lift : can not proceed if its use is necessary for elderly and disabled

For public lifts , the decree of March 9, 2015 introduced the mandatory nature of the USTIF opinion

The decree issued on 9 March 2015 provided that in the case of public lifts the opinion of the Ustif , the Special Office for Fixed Equipment Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, is required. This is one of the most important parts of the provision that has taken steps to redesign the legislation on lift systems. So let’s go into more detail what the provision contains.

The documentation to be transmitted to the FSO

Risultati immagini per USTIF

As for the elevators in public service, the measure provides in Article 2 that t renta days before the date on which the plant should be operational , it is necessary that the entity to which it is assigned the task of granting the king ‘s installation authorization transmits to the territorially competent Ustif the following documents:
– the technical documentation of the plant , or the use and maintenance manual; – the CE declaration of conformity of the lift prepared by the installer
of the elevator ;
– a report on the remote monitoring system, which must be permanently attached to a workstation in the event that surveillance personnel are not present;
– the rescue plan for passenger recovery, which must be activated if the cabin stops ; –  the name of the person in charge of the exercise , to which the list of the surveillance and first aid personnel in the management of the plant must be attached . The assignment in question is subject to the consent of the regional bodies, or local authorities, which is expressed subject to the issuance of technical authorization for the purposes of security by the FSO. territorially competent ; – the proposed operating regulation , which must be drawn up by the Manager of the year and countersigned by the operator . The remembered material must be sent to the territorially competent USTIF offices , which are divided into four macro areas, namely North-West, North-East, Center, South. Once all the information elements have been acquired, the documentation transmitted must be subjected to preliminary investigation by ministerial technicians in order to be able to express a fair evaluation. The process is then destined to be concluded by the issuing by the same office of the opinion on the opening of the plant, destined to the competent institution , or the Region or the local authority .

The Manager of the year

The figure of the Manager of the Exercise is central to the discourse on public elevators. It was established and regulated by the art. 90 of the Presidential Decree n. 753/1980, while dealing with its requirements, functions and duties was the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport issued on 18 February 2011.
In particular, the operation of the plant must be carried out on the basis of the methods indicated in the regulation issued , as indicated by ll’art. 102 of the same decree, by the Manager of the Exercise and approved by the regional bodies, or by the local delegated bodies. The Financial Regulation, in practice, is the collection of requirements to be followed by staff to ddetto, the manner of performing the s ervice and the rescue plan, as well as the obligations and to the prohibitions which passengers are required, with the related penalties. The latter must in turn be exposed in a clearly visible manner to the public, close to the accesses.

Maintenance, checks and periodic tests

The legislation for public lifts to which reference must be made as regards their maintenance is the decree of the President of the Republic issued on 24 December 1951. This provision, in articles 6, 7, 8 and 10, in order to guarantee the good conservation and the regular operation of the systems , prescribes that the maintenance should be entrusted to qualified technicians. While law 46 of 5 March 1990 provides that the company authorized to do so, must provide maintenance by relying on regularly qualified personnel . As regards instead the periodic checks , they have the task of verifying that the efficiency conditions of the organs and the elements on which the safety and regularity of the operation of the plant depends, in addition to the regular compliance with the prescriptions eventually given by the authorities during the checks carried out previously . It should also be remembered that every day, before the public service begins to dispense its services to the interested parties, the personnel appointed for the purpose by the Manager of the Exercise must carry out one or more empty runs, in order to verify that everything is working properly. The same Manager of the Exercise must then arrange the conditions so that the plant subjected to his attention is subject to the controls and tests provided for in the Appendix E of the UNI EN 81-1: 2008 and 81-2: 2008 standards and smi , then transcribe the results on the elevator booklet, taking care to make them Sottos also crivere by the maintainer that has carried out the tests. With regard to the dates on which visits are made, at least every six months, they must be communicated by the Manager of the year with adequate advance to the competent USTIF . In order to allow the same to make partakers and under the same its own technical officer. An official of the technical department of the same office must then attend the checks and tests carried out by the Manager of the Exercise in the event of accidents or in the form of special revisions every three years, together with a representative of the Regional Authority or of the delegated local authority . It should be remembered that the USTIF have the right to have at any time inspections to facilities aimed at verificar n and conducting in compliance with current provisions on safety, er ichiedere perform tests and verifications in order d i make certain n and the state of preservation and proper functioning .