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Cabin sanitizer


The air in the lift car is vacuumed, filtered through a titanium-dioxide-coated purifying filter and then subjected to high-intensity LED lights, which remove any particulate matter.
Finally, the airflow channelled through the device comes out enriched with H2O2 , decomposing all pollutants in the environment, thus sanitizing the air as well as the surrounding surfaces by falling on these.
RefineAir has been carefully designed in every detail, even from an aesthetic point of view: the device is available in white and grey for visible applications, while the ventilation valves are available in white and stainless steel for recess applications.
Cabin sanitizer is an appliance 100% Made in Italy, CE certified, as well as fully recognized by the European Medical Association.
It can be installed outside the lift car or perfectly integrated inside it.
Cabin sanitizer: CMAlifts’ dedicated partner to the health of its users.