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Febo and Mercury


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SAFETY: An all inclusive feature of our products, since safety is not an option!

  • Only for FEBO home lift: uncontrolled movement monitoring system.
  • High stop precision at landing level..
  • Only “Gearless” engine FEBO home lifts are guarantee of robustness and reliability.
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to a proven technology system and robustness of its components.
  • Landing signal of “busy”, “lift arrival” and “floor level”.
  • Travel comfort thanks to its silence feature and stop precision.
  • In the event of battery failure, FEBO home lifts continue operating normally with electrical power.


FEBO and MERCURY are 100% customizable in terms of design, materials and colours. Download the brochure and discover the available customization. All our solutions are made with quality elements and finishes that render the home lift a unique hightech jewel, specifically forged for your home. Our wide range of options allows customers to be able to match their design ideas with products in line with their building requirements. CMAlifts accessories are designed to meet the diverse needs of users, and adapt to different types of buildings: from satin or polished steel handrails and fully customizable false ceilings to marble floors or parquet choices.
Particular attention is paid to doors (automatic, semi-automatic or doubleshutter) and cladding options (wood, laminate, steel or stone). Each material becomes a new opportunity to design a unique model. Unique exactly like yourself!


Discover more on the CMA Home Lifts website