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Igea, the lift that sustains your future in total safety, reliability and great performances.

From CMAlifts’ twenty years’ experience, always oriented towards innovation at the service of the person, here comes Igea: the lift designed to meet the modern demands of residential construction, ensuring full reliability, even in the event of a blackout, reducing consumption and aiming at greater environmental sustainability through the use of renewable energy sources.

When the lift car is empty during the ascent phase, or full during the descent phase, the system motor works like a dynamo: the energy is not wasted but accumulated in the
batteries, which become charged and ready for use.

The energy stored in the battery is able to keep the system in service, allowing its standard upward or downward motion, for a limited number of travels even in case of prolonged power failure.

ONLY 0,5kW
The lift system is powered by a battery charger connected to the 230V single-phase mains. The motor is powered only when it travels, while, when stationary or motionless the batteries are charged either through the conventional grid or by means of a photovoltaic panel. The power consumption range varies from 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW, depending on the use
of the lift.

Minimal energy consumption
The NG50 system allows for both energy recovery and, optionally, the use of a solar panel to keep the batteries charged, thus reducing the supply from the electricity grid.

Installation ease
A common 230V single-phase household electricity socket is all you need to power Igea (400V three- phase is no longer required).

Emergency call
In case of emergency, a voice device connects users to a remote emergency customer service centre, in accordance with EN 81-28 and the Lifts Directive 2014/33 EU.

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