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Special lift cabins

Elevators are a natural feature of modernity. The need to encourage the elevation of buildings so as not to consume further portions of territory has in fact favored the massive adoption of platforms that allow people and things to move quickly and easily.
The Italians’ response to the obvious utility of elevators has been enthusiastic for decades. This is demonstrated by the million or more installations scattered in every corner of the peninsula, which however very often highlight an advanced degree of deterioration and traces of the time that passes in an unforgiving manner. Over the last few years, therefore, the need to proceed with the replacement of essential components of the systems, in particular the cabin, has been affirmed.

The importance of the cabin

The cabin is a very important part of an elevator. If it is true that the vertical lifting systems of people and things must be able to perform their task in an efficient and safe manner, it must also be considered that the aesthetic side is of no minor importance, especially when the elevator goes to fit in a building of architectural value.
Precisely for this reason, the market for special cabins for lifts continues to be very prosperous, manned by companies that are able to offer their customers products capable of mixing design at the highest level. intriguing and the particular finishes , in which it is possible to find panoramic solutions in glass, completely in crystal, such to foresee the employment of wood, watertight , or able to exhibit very special characteristics , upon specific request from the customer.


Because the special cabins for lifts

When entering an elevator, the cabin itself represents the initial point of contact that the visitor has with the building, thus taking on the role of a real business card. To fully exploit the importance of this first meeting and amaze passengers with maximum comfort combined with aesthetic taste, companies in the sectorthey provide solutions to which artisans are competing, with the task of creating the structure and refinements of custom-made systems. Their work is finally able to give rise to results which constitute a real added value for the architectural context in which they go into. A realization in the name of Made in Italy whichhas conquered ever larger slices of the market abroad , above all on the part of customers who need prestigious solutions.

Watchword: customization

When it comes to special cabins for elevators, the watchword can only be one: personalization. To be implemented using any type of material for filling the supporting structure or the cabin finishes , as long as it is of value . A customization that also involves lighting systems , which can be led, indirectly diffused or have light points that can create extremely intriguing effects. If the walls of the cabin can be distinguished by the presence of logos, photos and images that have been provided by the customer, tiled floors or mosaics with carpet or resin. All with the maximum quality and with the intent to give life to a final result able to arouse surprise in the users.