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Vittoriano, the panoramic lift: charm and utility

The monumental complex of the Vittoriano, authentic signature of Italianness in the World, began its eternal splendor in 1878 when it was decided to erect in the capital a permanent monument named after Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy, first king of Italy of the modern era, which brought to completion the Italian unification process. Renamed by Romans in a somewhat picturesque way as “the typewriter”, the complex of the Vittoriano-Altar of the Fatherland is a real “must” for tourists from all over the world, who appreciate it precisely because of its candour and its truly “monumental” appearance. Obviously a structure of this kind needed a very special lift; the panoramic lift that leads to the rooftop of the national monument to Victor Emmanuel II was built, about a century after its inauguration (1911), with the specific purpose of overcoming the architectural barriers present within the historic site. There are two types of glass sheets used for the panoramic cabins: the outermost part is in transparent glass, and that which is adjacent to the building is in etched glass. The realization of this work is a necessary intervention for the "eternal city" and for the visitors, who from the Terazza delle Quadriglie, can enjoy one of the best shows: the Colosseum, Roman Forums, Piazza del Campidoglio, the Quirinale, the churches of the historical centre, the Tiber River, the Jewish Ghetto. The main entrance is from Piazza Venezia. The project was designed and implemented between 2003 and 2007 provides two machine-room-less ropeways, without an engine room and gearless winch placed at the head. The two lift systems are independent of each other, but in the event of an emergency, the transhipment of passengers at height between the cabins is allowed.

Details of the installation

– Capacity: 13 people
– Difference in elevation to exceed: 36m
– Lift shell height: 38.93 m
– Lift shaft dimension on the plan: 2.59 x 1.65 m (2.49 ft.)
– Size of the cabin on the plan: 2.17 x 1.15 m
– Depth of the pit: 1.50 m
– Head height: 4.00 m
– Speed: 1 m/s
– Capacity: 13 people