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The main objective of the project is to optimise the design of C.M.A. lifts through the use of advanced simulation tools.


Reducing the weight of the lift, leading to lower transport costs, easier and safer installation, lower fuel consumption, increased load capacity and a redesign of the lift in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The use of compound materials for certain structural and/or semi-structural parts of the lift has also been evaluated. The use of advanced design methods will enable the introduction of major process innovations capable of achieving economies of scale, significant reductions in manufacturing times and costs, and increasingly high-quality standards. The optimisation of the lift product will consider the relevant manufacturing process in accordance with the canons of ‘design for manufacture’ and ‘design for assembly’ design.


The use of advanced calculation tools, both structural and fluid-dynamic, has made it possible to achieve significant objectives, such as

  • a 20% reduction in machining time
  • a 15% reduction in cabin weight, or even more if composite materials are used
  • a 5% reduction in machining waste.

Project co-financed by the Region of Puglia as part of the ERDF 2014-2020 Convergence ObjectiveTitle II Chapter 2 – Aid for integrated programmes promoted by Medium-sized Enterprises – PIA (Art. 26) – Project code: RJREL31