We are proud to say that CMAlifts was originally born as a real yard of ideas, rather than a manufacturing establishment, considering its strong dedication to research and investments in innovative customer orientated systems. Quality and reliability: the two pillars on the basis of which a company constantly seeks to improve, through the implementation of products at the forefront of technology. Both the design and production phases are based on the use of the latest 3D CAD tools and modern CNC machines. CMAlifts is a green company, perfectly integrated into the environment, at the forefront of green production through the use of photovoltaic panels, 14001 and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certifications and the use of recycled materials.


CMAlifts likes to reduce the distances taking care of all aspects of the delivery, animating production and transportation activities all about customer’s needs. CMAlifts can rely on a solid fleet of own vehicles (articulated lorries, trucks, and special vans all equipped with tail lifts) which allow our company to be closer to the people who strongly believe in sharing a project, with the guarantee of a fast and punctual delivery, thanks to a new generation of integrated logistics system. As a matter of fact, the optimization of the company’s productivity is based on an effective coordination of the phases of supply, production and delivery, both nationally and internationally.


CMAlifts is available to its customers at all times. Users can use a web portal which offers the possibility of not only tracking orders in real time, but also of downloading certificates, projects and other plant technical reports (besides projects and technical report concerning metal shaft structures).


In order to optimize production activities, CMAlifts has implemented an ERP system which ensures a highly efficient coordination of supply, production and delivery phases.
Customer relations are managed by a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which ensures cutting-edge performance.
CMAlifts furthermore uses an in-house Data Center (DC), responsible for a wide variety of software development and maintenance management.
CMAlifts’ DC department is managed by a group of software developers all holding a degree in Information Technology, and system administrators. Customers can also make use of a web portal which allows to get real-time information about orders, products and technical aspects.
In particular, customers can:
- download the tender / order forms in conjunction with all our products
- tracking existing orders
- download and consult certificates, as well as download projects and relevant technical dossiers for metal shaft structures.