Customer Area

230V elevator plants

The wide range of customisations includes 230V single-phase elevator plants, both oil-hydraulic and MRL. These lifts are designed to meet the needs of the user, avoiding the installation of a 400V three-phase meter.

Usually, the systems are designed with lower speeds than the normal 400V elevator plants, preserving the technological efficiency of the elevator plant. The maximum recommended speed for oil-hydraulic systems is 0.35 m/s, while for electric lifts without machine rooms, it is 0.62 m/s.

Thanks to its partnership with the EMATIC Group, CMAlifts is committed to guaranteeing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, with the specific aim of building a system capable of reducing, or even zeroing, the demand for energy from the power supply grid, improving the overall efficiency of new and/or existing elevators, through the NG50 system, which integrates a special set of batteries into the elevator plant.