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Bespoke homelifts

CMAlifts homelifts perfectly integrate into the environment in which they are installed, and offer a great balance between aesthetics and ease of use. Access can include

  • sliding lift car and landing doors, with automatic operation;

  • folding car doors and swinging landing doors, with semi-automatic operation;

  • without car doors and swinging landing doors, with hold-to-run operation in the car, and automatic operation at the landing.

Within the wide range of possible customisations, these examples of homelifts highlight sophisticated details that satisfy the most diverse imaginations of architects and engineers.

As you can see from the photos, CMAlifts produces unique, hand-crafted systems as design elements which give style and elegance to the building, while being highly efficient, technological machines, at the same time.

The materials used can be very special, ranging from the shine of steel to the linearity of Corian and the elegance of leather.

Floor coverings can also enhance the aesthetics of the lift cabin. In the picture, example of a Caduceus inlay in Rocksolid.

Customisation includes a wide range of mirrors, handrails, and lighting.