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Homelifts for reduced spaces

CMAlifts homelifts perfectly integrate into the environment in which they are installed, and offer a great balance between aesthetics and ease of use.

Access can include

  • sliding lift car and landing doors, with automatic operation;

  • folding car doors and swinging landing doors, with semi-automatic operation;

  • without car doors and swinging landing doors, with hold-to-run operation in the car, and automatic operation at the landing.

Homelifts can be realised in slim steel shaft structures to avoid having to compromise on the space available at the installation site, and it is also possible to carry out stairs or slab cutting, if necessary.

A shaft structure with clear glass infill and a panoramic landing door, allows for natural brightness into the environment.

Every accessory of the elevator plant is supplied in the same RAL colour as the shaft structure, to make it attractive and in line with the colours of the environment surrounding the systems.

Of particular note is the wide range of handles and windows on landing doors, all in line with the aesthetics of the stairwell and the functionality of the elevator plant.