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Panoramic Lifts

CMAlifts’ greater aesthetics finds its utmost strength in the offer of panoramic installations with one or more walls either in full-glass or in a steel frame.

As well as enhancing and enriching the architecture of buildings and surroundings with style and elegance, these systems allow users to transform every ride into a unique emotional experience.

The glass walls can be transparent, milky white, smoked, bronze, Stopsol and, for the most special cabins, the glass can be fitted with micro-LEDs on the inside.

Each wall is protected by a handrail, or a front panel, matching the features and finishes of the lift cabin.

The lift car flooring can also be made of shatter-proof glass with a transparent, milky-white or customer-designed finish, with backlighting and anti-slip texture.

The handcrafted production carried out by skilled craftsmen blends with the advanced technology of the accessories. For example, the lift cabin push-button panel can also be realised in glass, with a digital print provided by the customer.

In addition to glass, a wide variety of materials such as steel, Corten steel sheet, calamine sheet, and other, can be used.