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Anti-Covid systems

Lift cabin sanitiser

The air in the lift car is vacuumed, filtered through a titanium-dioxide coated purifying filter and then subjected to high-intensity LED lights, which remove any particulate matter.

Finally, the airflow channelled through the device comes out enriched with H2O2, decomposing all pollutants in the environment, thus sanitizing the air, as well as the surrounding surfaces, by means of falling onto the latter.

The appliance has been carefully designed in every detail, also from the aesthetic point of view: the device is available in white and grey for visible installations, while the ventilation valves are available in white and stainless steel for recessed installations. Aria Sana is 100% Made in Italy, CE certified, as well as recognized by the European Medical Association.

It can be installed outside the lift car or perfectly integrated inside it. Lift cabin sanitiser: CMAlifts’ partner to your health.

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Sherman Touchless

The post-2020’s world scenarios are forcing us to rethink enclosed spaces and study technological solutions capable of preserving direct contact with surfaces, which are often a gateway for viruses and bacteria.

In busy places like lift cabins, passengers can easily come into contact with micro-organisms that are potentially dangerous to their health.

Technology once again offers effective solutions, such as Shermann Touchless, the innovative call button for lifts based on IR reflective technology, which is the outcome of research and experience by DMG SpA, a leading company in the design and production of lift components.

CMAlifts has chosen Sherman’s innovative Touchless technology for its lifts: DMG’s most emblematic and robust button is now equipped with the Touchless function which, thanks to the proximity sensor, prevents the end user from touching the button panel by bringing his or her finger or hand within 2-4 cm of the panel buttons.

This solution represents, both, a response to the containment of contagions of potentially transmissible viruses, which settle on the surfaces of lift panel pushbuttons, and an innovative way of interacting with elevators.

Our creations add VALUE to your home.


During the pandemic caused by the spread of “Covid 19”, we used all the necessary devices to prevent our bodies from coming into contact with the virus (FFP1-2 face masks).

Sometimes we used them inappropriately, in contexts where hygiene was not always guaranteed: this was the case with disposable gloves, or shoe covers, used to in closed, frequently accessed environments, such as lifts.

With the aim of making the lift cabin safer, DMG’s research and development has given rise to the Free Ride System, a system which enables the lift call to be touchless using a smartphone, by duplicating the pushbuttons at the landing, as well as those inside the lift cabin through a special APP.

The solution can be applied to existing or new installations, while still providing the standard push-button call function.

In this way, it helps contain the spread of potentially transmissible viruses, in particular those on the surfaces of pushbuttons, by means of interacting with the lift in a hygienic way, as well as innovative and.

CMAlifts has introduced this new technology into its catalogues, giving its customers the chance to combine their own “SOLUTIONS” with this product, whose APP is available free of charge for IoS and Android.

Free Ride can be locally connected to BlueTooth modules installed in the lift car and landing push buttons. The app does not require any changes to the controller or wiring system, and it is ideal for lift modernisations.